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CBC Our Mission

Community Baptist Church is a “Great Commission” Church. Which means our success is judged by our “Going Out and Making Disciples.” Does the evidence support our existence?

Total Transformation! A Metamorphosis! Pastor Ken asks two important questions. 1) Who are we? As individuals in, and as, Community Baptist Church 2) Would our absence be noticed? The answers to these questions define the role of CBC and its individual members in the community we claim to serve.

Watch it – Pray on it – Do something about it!

Thanks & Worship Event

Featured is the Testimony & Message of Bethany Rae as she shared her calling to witness in Worship Through Song! at our special Thanksgiving event. Bethany Rae shares some of the trials Satan brought into her life and the victories God turned them into! Through this she shares a message of Hope all can both benefit from and believe in. Please join her in Leaving The Old Life Behind and be Captivated by His Grace.

Although born on the Island of Guam and exposed to the world of a missionary kid in Thailand, she grew up in Kalamazoo and earned a PhD (in Biology) at MSU. Bethany Rae is a true Michigander. More importantly, Bethany Rae is a True, Spirit-Filled Christian who understands what True Worship is. One day, after listening to some Worship music, Bethany Rae says, “It unlocked something deep in my heart. The songs just started coming. At that point, writing became an act of discovery, reflecting the lessons God was teaching me.” From this came “My first album, Captivated, a collection of my conversations with God as I faced new trials, new adversaries, and new blessings.”

A Visit from Peter

On this day of Christ resurrection, the apostle Peter rushes in to share his excitement about his risen Lord. Realizing that he is caught up in his excitement, he backs up and tells of his experience at Christs' side and what this means for the world! Pull up a seat as Peter tells of these miraculous events.