Wash - Cleanse & Blot
Delivered By
Todd Shook
Delivered On
August 14, 2022 at 11:00 AM
Central Passage
Psalm 51
God's Business

This is Todd Shook's debut as fill-in speaker at CBC. He did not disappoint. Please take time to watch this important message and then be sure to thank Todd for allowing God to use him in this way.

Ok, on to the message. Todd took us on journey through a time in David's life where he both failed God and sought redemption. Todd explains what it is to be truly clean and that "Everything from God is a mercy" including cleansing. He added that "Everything is God's business" and that part of that business is the "offense of sin." Making clear that there is no personal sin that falls short of offending God. Todd lays out both the necessity and the path of forgiveness. He also relates a point not to often spoken from the pulpit; If we have not... SPOILER ALERT! Almost gave away the ending. You will have to watch the video.